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ЕГЭ 2015. Английский язык. Сборник заданий

Luckily my guardian angel Principal Morton was com­mitted to my cause.

Unbelievably he gave me responsibility for the school tutoring programme for those who are finding learning a bit difficult. He gave me more work! He made sure I at­tended evening events in coalition with my family. How I loved them all!!! My resentment shot off the scale.

Strangely I enjoyed tutoring and felt great when I helped someone improve. Even more strangely I enjoyed the times I had to research and present facts and opinion to class. Even worse though was I started to make friends with wonderful people.

In my own mind this was a disaster but now it was not so bad. How could the truth be that Roxburgh is a great place with great teachers and great students? Slow­ly but surely the truth dawned on me. I started to meet new people and we helped to coach each other. They showed me the truth, that I could handle the work if I worked hard and persevered. It was not about lack of in­telligence. Eventually I realised that I was good at some­thing, English, and that has become my college major. So what has it all been about? Well, for me learning that the truth is something you should seek for yourself. Your friends have their lives and you should give them all the support and love you can.

The truth also is, there are great people out there ready to be your friends, teach, support, mentor and love you. The truth also is that sometimes you need something to make a big change in your life to get you started. I retain strong links in my neighbourhood and I love to keep up with old friends, however I recognise how much I have changed. As Nelson Mandela said: "There is noth­ing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered."

The biggest of thanks, love and respect to my family, my new and old friends, Principal Morton, The Guidance team, our teachers and my fellow graduates.

Roxburgh high has opened up our minds to the truth, we can achieve great things.

We must all look at what is possible rather than just see what is directly in front of us. I think my mom did that for me and I hope to do it for others as we go through life. Not surprisingly I intend to be a journalist! What is your dream? Looking around for the last time Roxburgh High has given me challenges, strong friends, and a lifelong sense of purpose.

Good luck to all of you!!!

You have 15 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 15 seconds.)

Now you will hear the text again. This is the end of the task. You have now 15 se­conds to check your answers.


Задание 2

Вы услышите речь на празднике в колледже. В заданиях А8—А14 обведите цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.

Now we are ready to start.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's wonderful to be here in your town, College Sta­tion, for this important event. I'd like to thank the stu­dents and faculty of Texas A&M and the Bush School of Government and Public Service and all of you for com­ing here today to help us celebrate volunteerism in America.

I appreciate the hospitality you've all shown my team­mates and me, and that was a nice round of applause just now ... I'd like to take just a moment to congratulate all of you on the university you've built here. I've known for years that Texas A&M is one of the nation's largest and finest institutions of higher learning — I now see that the university is as beautiful in its physical charac­ter as it is impressive in its academic achievements. Tex­as A&M also is a hotbed of volunteerism. I am here to honour and pay tribute to the work to all those who are involved in volunteerism and community service.We have a long and honourable history of volun- teerism in America. The willingness and enthusiasm with which our citizens have freely joined causes greater than themselves have marked our country's progress through­out our history. Even so, we worry that our children are not heeding the call of duty as so many Americans have in the past. And we wonder: If America is, indeed, losing its culture of community service, who will do something about it? I don't have yet definite answers to these ques­tions. But I do have some ideas about why volunteerism is so important to our country. So, this is what I'd like to talk about today...

First, the volunteerism that founded our country was much more than the voluntary political and military ac­tion of the handful of founding fathers we celebrate to­day. It was grass roots volunteerism, thousands of citi­zens asking that first, most important question: "What can I do?" In the same way, we won't see today's Amer­ican volunteers on the front page of the paper or on tele­vision. Our volunteers are working silently but diligently on the front lines of our many battles against social and economic hardship. They are more numerous and more committed than most of us imagine.

Second, the vast majority of these volunteers get in­volved in projects through organizations in their commu­nities to which they already belong: schools, churches, clubs or workplaces. Finally, and certainly not least im­portant, American teens aged 12-17 continued to have the highest rate of volunteer participation of any demograph­ic group — almost 60 percent. These 13.3 million teens gave a total of 2.4 billion hours to worthy causes last year.

And before I conclude, I should say a few words about my own experience with volunteerism ... why I believe it is so important ... and why I personally find it so grati­fying. The fact is, I didn't start out in life as much of a volunteer. As a child, I had to do some good deeds as a Boy Scout. But I lost interest in scouting when I dis­covered sports and girls. I missed becoming an Eagle Scout by one merit badge — I actually did the work, but never filled the papers. My mother never forgave me for that. 270When I first joined the bank, I was too focused on my career to volunteer much in the community. I was young and ambitious and couldn't see the payoff. I also had a bad experience with The United Way — I was given the name of a man to see for fund-raising, and when I went to his house and asked for him the woman at the door burst into tears. It was her husband and he'd been de­ceased for two years. That set me back a bit, and took me away from volunteering for a while.

But over time, I found myself becoming more and more involved in the Charlotte community, and volun­teering started to become more natural, more enjoyable and more rewarding. My wife Jane and I taught Sunday school at our church. I sat on the boards of some local non-profits, and chaired fund-raising drives for local charities. Finally, I got involved in Habitat for Human­ity, and found a really wonderful way to help people, make new friends and have fun at the same time.

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