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ЕГЭ 2015. Английский язык. Сборник заданий

And what sort of TV programmes do you think are also useful for learning English?

Nastya: Well, we can improve our listening skills by watching the news and documentaries? Soap operas and drama. We can hear how people really talk in the UK. And you can learn a lot about British culture in this way, can't we?

Alex: We can, if we live in countries, where BBC is broadcast. But it is not broadcast everywhere, especially in English and not in translation. Besides you should pay for watching it. I think it's better to read British national papers.Nastya: British national newspapers? You don't say so! British newspapers and magazines are also not sold 240 everywhere. I doubt if I can buy a British newspaper in every Russian town.

Alex: Well, I don't mean traditional, printed papers, but I'm talking about online papers which include not only different and interesting texts for reading, but also very useful podcasts on wide topics.

Nastya: Oh, that's really a very good idea. And it seems to me that we can't avoid the Internet if we'd like to improve English on our own. Let's see™ what picture have we missed and not discussed yet. Well. We haven't mentioned English books and CDs, have we?

Alex: Well, somehow we haven't focused our attention on them. But, surely, we can't learn any language without using course-books, text-books, grammar and vocabulary books and the like staff. But books without a good English teacher is nothing. Do you use books recommended by your teacher or you choose them on your own?

Nastya: At school our teacher usually tells us what course-books we are supposed to use at our lessons. But besides I buy English books on history and literature on my own for my self-studies or my studies with the tutor.

Alex: So, let's come to a conclusions about the ways we might try to improve our English. In other words, what are they? The first two, I believe, include the Internet opportunities and books. We've earlier agreed on these points, haven't we?

Nastya: Yes, we have. But personally I believe that socializing with people is also very important. If you have nice English-speaking friends, you will keep on learning more and more about English-speaking communities and their cultures. You can hear different English accents and meet people from different social stratum.

Alex: No doubts, but sometimes it can be rather difficult to make friends with native English speakers when you don't live in an English-speaking country.

Nastya: But once you met someone you can skype with him or with her and talk for hours and hours.

Alex: O.K. Let it be the third useful way of helping us to improve our speaking practices.

Nastya: In other words, firstly, one of the ways is the Internet and its use for various purposes, secondly, using printed books can't be also avoided. And, thirdly, communicating with English-speaking people is also very beneficial to us

Examiner: Thank you.


Задание 2.5

Подготовьте банк общих, специальных, альтернатив­ных и разделительных вопросов по следующей тематике:

English as an international language;

Famous polyglots & their language lives;

Best Education for good life in the 21st century;

Travelling as a means of multicultural education;

Work and study: the importance of the Internet today.


Задание 2.6

Работа в парах. Измените в диалоге Насти и Алекса те высказывания, с которыми вы лично не согласны (если такие есть) и разыграйте его, не забыв записать диалог на диктофон или на видеокамеру.


Задание 2.7

Работа в парах. Создайте пиктограммы (см. задание 2.5) для обсуждения следующих вопросов:

What are advantages and disadvantages of taking a sport for pleasure and going in for professional sport?

Could be anything of interest for a modern person about visiting different museums and galleries?

Money obviously plays a large role in our lives, but is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is money good or evil?

Childhood, Youth and Adulthood. What is the best age to be?

Is sightseeing always beneficial to human character or is it sometimes a waste of tourists' time?


Задание 2.8

Подготовьтесь к обсуждению 2-3 вопросов из зада­ния 2.7. Затем, используя ваши пиктограммы, обсуди­те без дополнительной подготовки в течение двух ми­нут эти вопросы и попытайтесь прийти к взаимному согласию. Запишите свое обсуждение на видеокамеру.

Задание 2.9

Просмотрев видеозапись, которую вы сделали ранее, ответьте на следующие вопросы:

Did you look at each other when you were discussing the questions under consideration?

Did you feel confident and relaxed or did you look a bit tense and nervous?

Did you express your opinions freely or was it difficult for you to express them and did you often hesitate?

Did you and your partner talk about all the pictures or only some of them?

Did you listen carefully to your partner?

Did you ask good questions to make the discussion interesting?

Did you give short or expanded answers to your partner's questions?

Did you interrupt your partner without letting him/ her to have her/his sentence finished?

Did your partner interrupt you?

Were you equal partners in this exchange of opinions or did anybody always try to take the lead?

Did you manage to reach mutual decision?

Did you enjoy discussing these questions?


Задание 2.10

Напишите по-русски, как следует и как не следует себя вести на устном экзамене при совместном обсуж­дении вопросов в диалоге-обмене мнениями.

Задание 2.11

Work in pairs. Look at the discuss the following question:

Life without mobile phones.

Celebrities versus Heroes.

SPIDERGRAPH 1. Mobile Phones


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