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ЕГЭ 2015. Английский язык. Сборник заданий

When I was a school student, I was several times even a school champion and my PE teacher recommended me to go in for profession sport. But I wasn't keen on becoming a professional sportsman, I preferred swimming for pleasure. I think that swimming exercises every part of body. And it always makes you feel in the mood. More than that, swimming doesn't need a company . I can swim anytime on my own if the public swimming pool is open. But as for other sports, for example, such as football, basketball they are team sports, and if I want to play regularly them, I should find and organize several people. Many people are very busy nowadays or simply lazy, it might be rather difficult to find and organize them. This is the main reason why I prefer swimming to other sports. I usually swim in our city public swimming pool every weekend.

Examiner: Have you ever watched swimming competitions or any other sports competitions on TV?

Candidate: Well, I have, but not very often. Perhaps, only Olympic games. They are worth watching from the beginning till its end. The opening and the ending of the Games are always great shows, besides, you can see the best world sportsmen, know much about them as personalities, feel how hard has been their way to get Olympic medals.

Examiner: What's the difference between watching sports on TV and in the stadium?

Candidate: Watching sports on TV is safer than doing sports at the stadium because after the football games sometimes there's a lot of fans' violence on the street and any person can be easily injured without any reason, though watching a particular team sport in the stadium is very exciting, especially if you support a particular team. The audience always gets very excited, and I think watching games on TV at home is much less exciting.

Examiner: And do you think that's very important for modern people to play sports?

Candidate: Oh, yes, I strongly believe, that it is very important for us to play sports in the age of hi-tech information and much computerized leisure and work time. A lot of people have stress after work, so playing sports can relax us physically and mentally.

Задание 3.1

Составьте тематические две группы вопросов из вопросов ниже. Затем попробуйте написать экзамена­ционные карточки. Подготовьте монологическое вы­сказывание по одной из них и опросите вашего това­рища оценить точность выполнения речевого задания.

Can you name some home chores that need to be done everyday?

What chores are your responsibility?

Do you use a computer?

Do you like to clean up your room and other rooms at home?

Do you wash clothes for your family?

Are you good or not so good at using a computer? What can you do?

Do you wash clothes for your family and do their ironing?

What is something you hate doing when you get home?

Did you learn to use a computer at school or at home?

Do you remember the first time you used a computer or the Internet?

Do you use the Internet much during the day?

What do you usually do on the Internet?

What do you most like doing online?

Have you ever used the Internet to support your learning? Why/why not?

Has your school work ever suffered because you spend too much time online?

Are there any chores that you hate doing when you get home?

Are there any chores that you do outside the house?

What are some advantages or disadvantages of the Internet?

How often and why do you use the Internet?

What are some good things about having a computer?

Do you think computers can tell sadly on our health?

Do you like to go to the supermarket? Do people in your country use the Internet a lot?

Do you do any shopping on the Internet?

What kind of products does your family buy on the Internet?

How much do you think computers have changed the world?

If you could buy only one of these two things, would you choose a dishwasher or a washing machine?

Do you enjoy playing computer games?

What is your favourite computer game, if any?

Do you think that the quality of our lives has been improved by computer technology?

Do you have a webpage?

What are some chores that your parents have to do around the house?

If you could have a robot to do all your chores, what would you choose for it to do?

Задание 3.2

Ознакомьтесь с экзаменационной карточкой и скажите, какие из подразделов темы «Планы на бу­дущее, проблема выбора профессии» следует затро­нуть в двухминутном монологическом высказывании в соответствии с содержанием экзаменационной кар­точки:

мир современных профессий;

ваши интересы и способности;

ваши намерения продолжить учебу или начать ра­боту;

причины выбора конкретной работы или учебы в настоящее время;

финансовые и другие личные обстоятельства, вли­яющие на жизненные планы человека.

Candidate Task Card 1

Describe your future plans

You should say:

What you hope to do in the next few years

What kind of job you hope to be doing in 10year's time

Where you are going to work and live Explain what can make you change or cancel your

future plans

Задание 3.3

Ознакомьтесь с информацией о различиях между следующими словами: job, work, occupation, profession, career и их употреблением в речи. Какие лексические ошибки могут появляться в речи при выполнении за­дания по экзаменационной карточке выше, если не об­ратить внимание на эту информацию?


Source: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 2003.

Задание 3.4

Look at the lists of occupations below and say which three of them either from list A or list В you would like to choose as possible future careers. Which of the occupations listed below do you think are the most interesting and which of them do you believe are the least interesting?

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