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ЕГЭ 2015. Английский язык. Сборник заданий

organised trips. A25              you may find your choices

of itinerary a little more limited, there are advantages — not least in terms of having all your accommodation taken care of and a representative on the ground in the event that you need any help.

In general there are two types of organised cycling holiday on offer — the guided group tour and the self- guided trip. Guided group tours provide the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the social side of cycling

A26      the travel itself. Beyond the familiar

hills and hedgerows of the UK, there are cycling holidays available A27          every continent except Antarc­tica. From bike and barge tours of Germany and the

Netherlands to trips A28      the USA and Canada,

or journeys in Tibet, Thailand and even Tonga, if you can find it on the map, there's probably someone offering you a chance to cycle through it. Whichever way you look at it, there's probably never been a better time to get on

A27. 1) in

2) into

A28. 1) closeout 2) across

Задание 6.1

Сформулируйте и обоснуйте вашу стратегию по выполнению заданий А22—А28 ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Задание 6.2





Скажите, нужна ли вам дополнительная языковая подготовка для успешного выполнения заданий в раз­деле «Лексика и грамматика» типа А22—А28. Если да, то какая?


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